PE PP flakes recycling and granulation machine

PP PE Flakes Granulating Line

PP PE Flakes Granulating Line adopts high-performance single screw extruder. The single screw extruder is suitable for: plastic raw material like PE, PP, ABS, PC, PET, etc. Recycling for plastic film, bottle flakes and engineering plastic. Non-stop screen changer can realize high production capacity. And different materials will adopt different cutting ways: water-ring, stripping cutting, under-water cutting, ect. The whole line adopts PLC control system and large liquid crystal screen, which makes the operation very convenient. YILI Machinery which has more than 15 years’ experience, which can promise the good quality, advanced equipment, perfect after-sale service.

Technical Specification

ModelCapacity(kg/hr)Screw Size(mm)L/D ratioEnergy consumption
SJ90 150-20090300.2-0.3

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Tech Features & Advantages

  • Suitable for pelletizing of crushed hard plastics such as plastic pipe, plastic bottles, plastic tanks and drums, etc.

  • Machines is suitable for PP, PE material by changing die head;

  • Cutting method: water-ring & strip & under-water cutting;

  • Screen changer: self-invented full automatic self-cleaning (non-stopping);

  • Lower noise, lower energy consumption, lower melt temperature, glorious results, easy maintenance.

Technology Process

图 1.jpg

Side Force Feeder and Main Extruder

图 2.jpg

Non-stop Screen changer

图 3.jpg

Water ring cutting

图 4.jpg

Centrifugal Dryer


Vibration Sieve


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