PE PP film two stage compactor granulating line

PE PP film two stage compactor granulating line

Plastics are widely used in various industries in the world. Then waste plastic recycling comes to be the very important and urgent things to do. Since 2005, YILI Machinery’s R&D department has developed many kinds of plastic recycling and granulation machines, in which the plastic film two stage recycling and pelletizing lines are specially designed to apply for plastic clean films, factory scraps, films after washing.  It has two extruders which ensure good plasticization, and the two times filtering system let the final products much more purified. We have different capacities to meet all customers’ requirement, from 100 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr. The customer can customize machines by sharing ideas with our design departments. All kinds of plastics such as PE films, PP films, Nylon films all can be treated and pelletized through such kind of production line.

Technical Specification

ModelCapacity(kg/hr)Screw Size(mm)L/D ratioEnergy consumption

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Tech Features & Advantages

  • High automatic operation system, high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving;

  • It can apply with different kinds of cutting solutions, such as, water ring cutting, strand cutting, under water cutting to meet different kinds of raw material and production requirement;

  • Automatic plate screen changer or non-stop back-pulse automatic self-clean screen changer can reduce manual labor and increase the efficiency and convenience of operation;

  • Two times filtering system, fore filtering in the first extruder and fine filtering in the second extruder, which ensure high quality of final products;

  • The second extruder temperature can be set according to the production of first extruder, it’s with also water cooling system even when the material need to be cool down during process in second extruder;

  • The whole line is suitable for different material processing, which will apply for one or more materials in one line, which will reduce the investment cost.

Technology Process

图 1.jpg

Raw Material

图 2.jpg

Final Pellets

图 3.jpg

Compactor and First Stage of Extruder

图 4.jpg

Second stage Extruder


Downstream Line


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