High speed PPR pipe extrusion line

High speed PPR pipe extrusion line

PPR PP pipe production line of YILI Machinery can achieve full automatic control from material feeding till pipe collection, with high speed and excellent performance. It can be used to make PPR pipes, PERT pipes, PP pipes, which are mainly used in indoor floor heating system and indoor hot water supply system. The whole production line is controlled by PLC integrated control system, easy operation with automatic fault alarm system. The pipes ranges from 16mm to 250mm with thickness up to 30mm.

Technical Specification

33D Series Classical Production Line:

ModelOD(mm)ExtruderMax.Output(kg/hr)Max.Haul-off speed(m/min)
PPR63 ∅20-63SJ65/3315010

38D Series High Efficient Production Line:

ModelOD(mm)ExtruderMax.Output(kg/hr)Max.Haul-off speed(m/min)
HPPR63 Single ∅20-63HSJ60/3828020
HPPR63 Dual∅20-63HSJ60/3836018*2
HPPR110 Single∅20-110HSJ60/3828020
HPPR110 Dual∅20-110HSJ75/3845018*2

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Tech Features & Advantages

  • High performance extruder with special screw structure, good plasticization and low energy consumption;

  • Extrusion head with spiral structure, make sure the melt inside distributed evenly to achieve better plasticization;

  • Calibrator design with water ring which is easy to clean, and to achieve better cooling and faster forming;

  • Advanced pipe line layout design and adjustable spray angle for better cooling effect;

  • Various kinds of haul-off unit meets requirements for different pipe size and different speed requirement;

  • No-dust cutter serves with Servo drive, which ensure accurate cutting of pipes.

Technology Process


Extruder and Die set


Calibrator specially designed for PPR pipes


Vacuum & Cooling tank


Haul-off & Cutter


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