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Counter Rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

YILI-36 length-diameter ratio series counter rotating parallel twin screw extruder introduces the newest technology from Germany. It is specially applied to counter rotating parallel twin screw extruder for extruding UPVC, PVC-UH, PVC- O pipes. Compared with the traditional counter rotating parallel twin screw extruders with the L/D ratio of 26 or 28, this product has higher unit power extrusion capacity and energy saving effect, better melt uniform mixing effect and plasticizing effect, wider processing window and flexibility for different raw materials, being an ideal equipment for extruding high-performance rigid PVC-UH pipes.

Technical Specifications

Model Screw Dia (mm) Screw L/D Motor Power (KW) Capacity (kg/hr)
YL75-36H 7536:1 45350-400
YL90-36H 9036:1 75600-700
YL114-36H 11436:1 110900-1000
YL133-36H 13336:1 1601300-1400

Product Details

Features & Advantages