Plastic Pipe Making Machine

PVC Pipe Making Machine

YILI machinery supplies full ranges of PVC pipe making machines, which apply for U-PVC, C-PVC, M-PVC, O-PVC material. Our PVC pipe machine can make pipes ranging from 16mm to 630mm, wall thickness range of 1-30mm.

PE Pipe Making Machine
HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine is widely used in the whole country water supply, water sewage, gas supply and house water supply project. It includes HDPE Plastic pipe extrusion machine, LDPE Plastic pipe extrusion machines, PPR/PERT Pipe extrusion lines, ect.
PPR Pipe Making Machine
PPR PP pipe production line of YILI Machinery can achieve full automatic control from material feeding till pipe collection, with high speed and excellent performance. It can be used to make PPR pipes, PERT pipes, PP pipes, which are mainly used in indoor floor heating system and indoor hot water supply system.
Double-wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine (Vertical type)
As the leading manufacturer, YILI supplies PE/PP large diameter corrugated pipe extrusion machines from size 200mm to 1200mm. Which used as sewer and drainage pipes in road construction and civil engineering, water conveying pipes, main collectors in agricultural drainage, manholes and other applications.
Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine (Horizontal type)
YILI Machinery manufactures big Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line in China. We supply horizontal type of double wall corrugated pipe line from size 200mm to 1200mm.