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The plastic shredding machinery from Yili eliminates the need to manually reduce large pieces before crushing, they operate with low noise, low energy consumption and with little maintenance. In a single pass, these machines produce consistent particles, allowing the batch feeding of large volumes of scrap and efficiently processing a wide range of materials.

During their operation, Yili shredders perform dump functions and place the scrap in the hopper. You only need to press the start button and the machine does all the work, as a hydraulic piston pushes the material into the crushing rotor. The crushing action is aided by the rotor mesh cutters that have a toothed blade in the chamber cutting.

PE long pipe shredder

Once shredded between the cutting meshes and the blade, the materials exit through a screen whose hole determine the size of each crushed particle.

Yili offers specific solutions for specific plastic recycling applications. Their equipment includes top quality models for general size reduction which is essential for bulky materials. Other features include a linear scrap, Stack Systems that incorporate a shredder that goes directly to a granulator and more.

Now, let us take a look at some unique features of the Yili plastic shredding machinery.

First, these shredders incorporate innovations that improve performance, increase durability and decrease maintenance times. They have direct shaft drives, double sidewalls, reversible blades, rotating hydraulic screens, rotating screens, and adjustable external blades.

Yili patented shredding system, specifically designed to reduce the size of plastic films and synthetic fibers in a single stage. It also integrates thermal monitoring controls and measurement capabilities. The system features specialized cutting rotor geometry and a wedge knife; Its cutting configuration is tight tolerance, as is its reinforced screen, which prevents synthetic materials from self-feeding and enveloping the cutting rotor.


Fast shredding: The Yili models are designed to crush bulky plastics in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Engineered with oversized components, these shredders feature large diameter, high height cutting rotors.

Stack: these systems combine the advantages of a crusher with those of a granulator, integrating two machines in a single system that includes a crusher stacked on top that leads directly to a granulator. The shredder reduces oversized scrap into small pieces. By combining these two machines, the Stack system offers the advantages of each technology.


The series designed to process tubes, molds, liners, profiles, composite woods and other types of large scrap. The shredders include propulsion motor driven torque point cutting rotors, which allow linear scrap to be pushed between roll feeders located on both the top and bottom of the equipment. Driven by separate motors, the rolls minimize material damage, common when working with long scrap. In the machine, the material is cut between the rotor cutting inserts and by a serrated blade. In the same way, its screens allow to determine the desired size of the final particles.


These crushers include Variable Frequency Motors that match rotor speeds and torque to load the volume and toughness of the material.

The Yili plastic shredding machinery model includes drop down screens that make maintenance, material change and metal removal quick and easy. In addition, the adjustable outer blades can be easily and quickly serviced for greater cutting efficiency.


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