The plastic extrusion machinery application in the recycling process

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The plastic extrusion process has been admired by manufactures, particularly those in plastic niche, as one way of checking their activities and their effect on the ecosystem. Now, the plastic extrusion machinery has been pivotal in this regard. It is continually in use as more and more products are needed to satisfy the teeming world population.

Before we get started, it is important to look at the plastic extrusion stages and how they reflect on the recycling process.

What Is The Plastic Extrusion Stage?

The extrusion of plastics is an industrial process, in which a plastic pressing and molding action is carried out using an extruder machine. By means of pressure and push, it is given the desired shape through a mold. The purpose of the extrusion process is the production of plastic tubes, profiles, sheets, sheets and films, filaments and other plastic products.


The Importance of Extrusion for Plastics Recycling

Today, the economic importance of plastics in all sectors is evident, since we can find them in a large part of the objects of our daily use. Thanks to its economic cost for companies, it is a market sector with continuous development worldwide.


Due to this increase in the use of plastic, recycling becomes very important to respect the environment. Reusing the used material is the perfect solution to avoid contaminating our planet and to be able to reintegrate plastics in the consumption circuit. If there is the possibility of carrying out this recycling with a reintegrated plastic extruder, the benefit is even greater.


Advantages of Plastic Extrusion

This process offers a large number of advantages over others such as blowing, calendering or injection. It has great flexibility in the face of product changes without having to make major investments and the cost of the extruder machinery is usually moderate compared to the rest of the processes.


Plastics extrusion offers stable production and good productivity. Once the process has started, production is continuous, contrary to other cyclical techniques such as injection. In addition, extrusion allows us to obtain parts that would be complicated or very expensive through another process.

 UPVC foam-core pipe extrusion line

Versatility in A Single Extruder

At Yilipm, you can be sure to find a wide variety of plastic extrusion machinery suited to serve your business need.

You can find the single spindle extruders as well as the double spindle extruders.


So that the investment required by companies is less, our machines can be improved or modified by changing certain parts such as variators, spindles, and pressure or speed reducers, among others. In this way we can change the product we want to produce more easily.


Due to the versatility of this process, extrusion can be divided into several types depending on various factors. Our experience allows us to advise our clients for the assembly of their lines of work, depending on their needs, the desired end product and the expected performance, since there are various possible combinations to achieve the same product.


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