Plastic recycling: Trends in manufacturing companies

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The plastic recycling is more important than ever, because of the large amount generated, in its low biodegradability and negative environmental impact.

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The large volume of plastic comes from various sources:

1. Domestic origin: refers to all plastics generated in homes; packaging and packaging waste stand out. Thanks to the selective collection through the yellow container, the recovery rate of these residues is acceptable.

2. Commercial origin: refers to all the waste generated by urban businesses, commercial areas, bars and restaurants, offices and markets. Thanks to selective collection and door-to-door collection, the recovery rate in this sector is increasing.

3. Industrial origin: this source encompasses all manufacturing, transformation and processing companies and industries. The industry is one of the main sources of generation of. Although easily recyclable plastics, such as PET or PP, are plastics with high recovery rates, many others are not and are mixed with other waste to end up in landfills.

4. Construction and agriculture: these sectors have a high use of plastics, such as PVC pipes and shutters or PS insulation, as well as all the plastic that comes from greenhouses, crop tunnels and the thermal blanket in agriculture. Great production and low level of recovery.

Plastics are characterized by their lightness, durability and broad stability against humidity and chemical products, properties that, although they can be considered qualities in the field of their production and use, become disadvantages when considered as waste.

The importance of recycling in companies

Caring for the planet and curbing the effects of climate change are no longer reserved for activists. Society is becoming increasingly aware and is putting more pressure on both the public and private sectors to take the necessary measures in terms of sustainability. In today's post we talk about the importance of recycling in companies and the environmental commitment that more and more businesses adopt.

Currently, most companies have environmental policies, according to the latest report of the Global Compact. On the other hand, companies must present their annual reports on environmental, social and good governance impacts due to the Non-financial Information Law. In this way, their actions, in terms of sustainability and their corporate social responsibility.

Today there are companies dedicated to researching innovative solutions. Among them is YILI MACHINERY, a company that is dedicate to improving the world through their lines of recycling technology, one of which is the plastic recycling machine.

At the same time, through its communication channels, it increases citizen awareness regarding recycling. However, many other companies are already joining the environmental commitment of recycling. 

Companies must bet on responsible consumption and a more sustainable production model. To do this, they have different projects and initiatives that can help them achieve their goals. This is the case of the Chinese manufacturing group, committed to business and biodiversity initiative and action. There is one special feature about this company, which is their relentless focus on protecting the environment. 

In conclusion, plastic recycling is a very important option for the environment, since it provides us with new raw materials and improves the sustainability of our society, as well as reducing major environmental impacts, as we can see in the following link


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