Plastic recycling: one of the biggest environmental problems today

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Today we face the greatest environmental challenges in history which is that the production of plastic is far more than the amount of plastic that is recycled. The consequences of the manufacture of plastic for years have become an environmental problem because production increases faster than recycling. To solve this problem it is important to know how to recycle plastic effectively.

Plastic Recycling Machinery

Plastic recycling today

For some years now, the consequences of throwing plastic directly on land or in the sea have become significant. And the truth is that the plastic always comes back to us since the plastic particles take up to 500 years to degrade completely.

But the problem is not only plastic, but microplastics. These small plastic particles come from objects that have been wearing down into little plastic granites.

Microplastics and plastic recycling

Nowadays, a large number of microplastics can be found on beaches that are confused with sand.

It is easy for these little plastics to reach the human body by ingesting them through your favorite food, be it meat or fish. This is the real problem of having flooded the plastic plant, now it is poisoned.

How to recycle plastic efficiently?

In order to reverse the situation, it is important that there is an efficient system for recycling plastic, whether it be bottles, plastic bags or any other container.

Recycled plastic

The fact still remains that the world production of plastic increases much faster than the amount recycled, therefore there is more and more plastic waste.

In few countries in the world there is an efficient policy to recycle plastic. Let’s look at some of the methods that countries with more sustainable systems have succeeded with their plastic bottle recycling machine.

1. The deposit and return system

According to the Univision Norway article, it recycles 97% of its plastic and this is achieved, in addition to raising awareness among its population, using the deposit and return system. Here, when customers buy a product in a plastic container, they must pay extra money, and when they return the container, that money is returned.

In this way, the consumer must not only be aware of the planet but also of their money, and this is how Norway has managed to meet the European Union's objective of recycling 90% of plastic by 2030, only they have achieved it. 10 years earlier. Here you can see a video of how the deposit and return system works to recycle plastic bottles.

2. Plastic recycling at home

There are also other ways to recycle plastic without taking it to a container. You can make crafts with the plastic scraps. In green ecology they give us some tips for this type of recycling such as:

Some ideas to recycle plastic bottles.

Ecological bricks can be made from plastic bottles.

There are also tips for recycling bottle caps.

Plastic recycling process

Theplastic bottle recycling machine is an indispensable tool in this regard. It is a highly efficient machine that bridges the gap between the use of plastic bottles and the protection of our environment. 

However, there are other solutions for recycling plastics. It is necessary to take individual measures since it is everyone's problem.

Some individual actions that can be taken have to do with the 3R rule:

Reduce the amount of plastic packaging. You can buy food in bulk that does not go in plastic containers for example.

Reuse plastic packaging or go shopping with reusable bags, thus drastically reducing the use of plastic

Recycling is of course the last step, if you have already completed the other steps and the time comes when you have to dispose of some type of plastic, it is time to deposit it in the yellow container. No matter where you are, try to recycle the plastic by depositing it in the appropriate container.


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