We all know that when using machines, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and protection of mechanical equipment, which can prolong the use time of the machine and prevent it from being easily damaged. Below, Mingsu Plastic Machinery will introduce the maintenance status of the PE pipe production line.

  1. Keep the PE pipe production line clean for a long time and shut down for a long time. Rust and dirt prevention measures should be taken.
  2. Strictly place raw materials into the feeding port, and do not mix metal or other impurities into the PE pipe production line to prevent damage to the machine. When the machine is not in production, the feed inlet should be closed to prevent debris from entering the screw working area.
  3. The internal oil cleanliness of the feed device reducer and main reducer should be regularly checked. When the new machine runs for 50 hours, the smooth oil should be replaced once. If serious contamination of the smooth oil is found after normal production, the smooth oil should be replaced.
  4. When the PE pipe production line is running, the transmission components that require smoothness should be smooth in a timely manner.
  5. In case of special circumstances that result in long-term shutdown (such as power outage), timely organize the remaining materials to prevent the polymer from being difficult to remove after cooling and solidification, which will affect the next production step.
  6. Regularly organize the dust and scale on the cooling water interface of the unit (some water quality impurities are high, simple scale buildup) to prevent the formation of poor cooling effect or blockage affecting temperature control accuracy.
  7. The electrical control cabinet of the PE pipe production line should be cleaned once a month to prevent short circuit faults.
    The above is the maintenance and protection measures for the PE pipe production line that will not run for a long time. If you have more questions, please feel free to call Mingsu Plastic Machinery for consultation. We will provide you with a professional knowledge answer system.
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