1. The precipitation amount of filler (calcium powder) should be between 2.6 and 3.0. Considering hardness and tear strength, calcium powder should not exceed 25. Can also participate in an appropriate amount of nano calcium to improve strength;
  2. The selection of stabilizers is very important. Stabilizers (lead salt stabilizers, calcium zinc stabilizers, etc.) should have good thermal stability, internal and external lubrication balance, and stability. Cheap stabilizers cannot be used.
  3. If the stability is not good, it can compensate for a small amount of metal soap;
  4. The amount of CPE should not be too large, as it will affect the hardness of the pipeline; CPE should be selected with high molecular weight, standardized chlorine content, no more than 35%, and no residue;
  5. Lubricating oil should not be used too poorly, it must be used well, and polyethylene wax is recommended. The total dosage is about 1.5 parts, and it should not be too much to prevent the PVC molecular chain connection from being easily damaged when the product encounters external forces during deformation;
  6. The transformation can choose CPE+ACR system, ACR+MABS system, or CPE+MABS system.
  7. Titanium dioxide can affect tear strength, so choose a fine-grained material.

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