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About YILI

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Enterprise Culture

Create a corporate culture environment characterized by innovation, pragmatism, inclusiveness and aggressiveness, to make YILI become a platform and development channel for constant growth of staff and realize their dreams as well as happy life.

Carry out the concept of “life manufacturing machinery”, provide high quality, high performance machinery for society, and help consumers achieve a better life.

Core Concept

Focus on present and shape the future

Company Spirit

Pioneering and enterprising, realistic and innovative, scientific management, work for excellence.

Management Principles

Take quality as life, take science and technology as the leader, take customer’s satisfaction as purpose

The core value of Enterprise


The team works together, there is no perfect individual, only the invincible team, the individual ability of the team to complement each other and cooperate with each other, can create a good team, so there is a saying that "three smugglers have passed Zhuge Liang".

In a team, each member has its own advantages and disadvantages. As a member of the team, you should take the initiative to find the strengths and positive qualities of the team members.

If each member of the team actively seeks the positive qualities of other members, the team's collaboration will become smooth and the work efficiency will be improve. The highest level of teamwork "do not abandon, do not give up."


The idea is to put customer service first. "Taking customers as God" is to establish a consumer-centric concept, to think what customers want, to be anxious to meet customers' needs.

The customer's request is not rejected, the customer's business is everyone's business, does not bring any unpleasantness to the customer, does not interfere with the customer, does not offend the customer.

Honesty and Reliability

Be Loyal to the original appearance of things, do not conceal their true thoughts, do not hide their true feelings, do not lie, do not falsify, do not deceive others for ulterior motives.

Stress credit, stress credibility, keep promises, be faithful to their own obligations, and fulfill what agreed to others. Be Loyal to fulfill their obligations, to be honest with others, to be honest with everything.

Innovative and Enterprising

Without innovation, there will be no progress and there will be no future. Being brave and enterprising is the inexhaustible motive force for the development of our company.

Focusing on development and pursuing excellence are the persistent beliefs and common pursuit of all our employees. With the confidence to reform, we have created an impressive performance with the courage to dare to fight, and won wide recognition from domestic and foreign customers.

Pragmatic and Inclusive

Pay attention to reality and seek truth from facts. Committed to real or specific things, do not impetuous, do not exaggerated.

Do practical things for the enterprise. Tolerate others' deficiencies and be sure to recognize others.

Win-Win Cooperation

Cooperation and win-win is the choice of the times. The success of many things lies in cooperation, and cooperation can also highlight win-win results. The healthy development of the company is inseparable from the concept of cooperation and win-win.

We are dedicated to the customer, think about the problem from the perspective of the customer, let the customer improve and grow together with us.


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