Application of PE recycled particles

Application of PE recycled particles

With the rapid development of the plastics industry, the application of plastic products has deeply penetrated into people’s daily lives, and the corresponding waste has also accumulated year by year. Since plastic itself cannot be degraded under natural conditions, the waste plastic accumulated year by year has formed serious environmental pollution, which is the so-called “white pollution”. At the same time, waste plastics still contain huge renewable resources, and the existence of “white pollution” is a huge waste of limited earth resources. Therefore, the recycling of waste plastics is not only the key to the sustainable development of the plastics industry in this century, but also an important measure to solve ecological environmental pollution. The Yili recycling granulator is specially built for the times and can process various types of waste plastics. PE waste plastic is one of them. After being processed by the granulator, PE recycled granules are formed, also known as polyethylene recycled granules. It is mainly divided into three categories: high-pressure low-density polyethylene recycled pellets (LDPE), low-pressure high-density polyethylene recycled pellets (HDPE), and linear low-density polyethylene recycled pellets (LLDPE). Different types of PE recycled particles are widely used in different fields.

High pressure low density polyethylene recycled pellets (LDPE)

Mainly used for adding applications to blown film products, such as making garbage bags, trash cans, agricultural films, packaging films, shopping bags, etc.

Low-pressure high-density polyethylene recycled pellets (HDPE)

Mainly used for the additive application of blow molded products, injection molded products and extruded products, such as making milk bottles, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, trash cans, septic tanks, drainage pipes, etc.

Linear low density polyethylene recycled pellets (LLDPE)

Mainly used for adding applications to large-scale blown film products, such as agricultural films, packaging films, cable insulation layers, etc.

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