Zhangjiagang City YILI Machinery Co.,ltd is a High-Tech company, which is composed of well-experienced team in R&D design, Manufacturing technique and sales service, devoted in Plastic Machinery industry for more than 25 years with CE, TUV, SGS Certificates.

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16-1600mm High speed HDPE pipe Extrusion line

YILI machinery adopts European most-advanced technology and develops with its own technical Strategy to ensure our HDPE Pipe extrusion line with typical features as unique structure, high configuration, highly automation, high efficiency , easy operation.

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High speed PPR pipe extrusion line

PPR pipe production line of YILI Machinery can achieve full automatic control from material feeding till pipe collection, with high speed and excellent performance. The pipes range from 16mm to 250mm with thickness up to 30mm.

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HDPE Double-wall Corrugated pipe extrusion line

YILI Machinery has SJ series of Plastic flakes recycling and pelletizing line, which includes single stage granulation line and double stage granulation line. The production line is applicable for many kinds of hard plastics, such as, PE, PP, PS, PC, ABS, PA, with capacity range from 150 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr.

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PE PP film two stage compactor granulating line

Plastic film two stage recycling and pelletizing line is specially designed to apply for plastic clean films, factory scraps, films after washing. It has two extruders which ensure good plasticization, and the two times filtering system let the final products much more purified. We have different capacities to meet all customers’ requirement, from 100 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr.

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PE PP flakes force feeding two stage pelletizing line

YILI Machinery manufactures big Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line in China. As the super manufacturer, YILI supplies PE/PP large diameter corrugated pipe extrusion machines from size 200mm to 1200mm. It starts to make single wall corrugated pipes, then to double wall corrugated pipes and then triple or more layers of pipes.

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SRL-Z series heating cooling mixer unit

With more than 25 years in heating and cooling mixer industry, hot and cool mixer unit from YILI Machinery is an ideal equipment for profile and pipes with advanced design. They are widely used in mixing, stirring, drying, coloring all kinds of resin plastic such as PVC,PP,PE, rubber, and chemical industries.

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Zhangjiagang City YILI Machinery Co.,ltd is a High-Tech company, which is composed of well-experienced team in R&D design, Manufacturing technique and sales service, devoted in Plastic Machinery industry for more than 25 years with CE, TUV, SGS Certificates.

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Our main business sections contain Plastic Extrusion Machinery such as PE/PPR pipe extrusion line, Plastic Mixing Machinery such as PVC mixer and Automatic Feeding system, Plastic recycling machinery such PE/PP waste plastic washing line, PE/PP recycling and granulation line, etc.

In The Last One Years


YILI has 60000 square meters of workshop


8000 square meters of office building


300 workers


Create $15,000,000 annual output value in one year


We offer a full range of plastic machinery servicesa.


Consult and Optimize Proposal

We search all the new information of the industry and share with our customers, give customer suggestions for the new investment.

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24 Hours Service Online

Service online 24 hours, any call or mail will be replied in 6 hours and send the service within 24 hours

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Two-year Quality Guarantee

During the guarantee period, if any manufacturing defect and/or inherent fault of the supplied equipment found attributable to us, we will be responsible to remedy or replace with the new ones at our account within one week after receiving of claim report.

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Life Time Spare Parts Supply

After the period of guarantee, we take responsibility to continue the supply of spare parts for customers at agreed price. In any case, the customer will enjoy a status of «most favored customer» with regard to prices and delivery terms of spare parts.

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WHat customer say

YILI MACHINERY has exported various kinds of our machines to more than 89 countries. We get high reputation and honor from our customers.


PEG250 and PEG630 High Speed HDPE Pipe Line

Customer: Gabriel

From South Africa

In 2014, we installed two high speed HDPE pipe production line from YILI Machinery, 5 years later, they are still running perfectly, we are now ordering us PEG1200 HDPE line, which will be delivered end of 2019.

QX1000 PP jumbo bags/film Recycling and Washing line

Customer: Duc Cuong

From Vietnam

We have started cooperation with YILI Machinery since 2008. We bought from them PP jumbo bags washing line and Pelletizing line. We continue to invest with the company’s growth and expansion. Last year, we ordered us 1000kg/hr PP jumbo bags washing line and pelletizing line. We are happy with YILI Machinery, and thanks for their support that we have grown into the stock company.

SBG200-800 HDPE double-wall Corrugated Pipe extrusion line

Customer: Enconcreto Hdez

From Guyana

We bought from YILI Machinery HDPE large diameter double wall corrugated pipe line. After 4 years, YILI People came to visit us onsite, seeing that the machine keeps running in high performance. We are very happy with YILI machine and service support.

PEG315 HDPE pipe production line

Customer: Alexey

From Russia

We started cooperation with YILI Machinery from 2009. In these 10 years, we continue to buy from them PE250 pipe line, PE315 pipe line, PE630 pipe line, shredder, ect. They have been our preferred partner. YILI keeps suggesting us the updated and modified machines to help us increase the efficiency of the production. We are very happy with our machine and service.

1000kg/hr PP Jumbo bag Washing line and Pelletizing line

Customer: Howard

From USA

We bought one 1000kg/hr PP jumbo bags washing line and two pelletizing line from YILI Machinery. YILI keeps on helping us to find newest technology in PP jumbo bags recycling and shares with us and gets agreement with each other to modify the machines to be the most efficient ones. All the production lines now are running in 90% efficiency.

ZL150-180 Waste film two stage recycling and granulation line

Customer: Lucas

From Argentina

We has started cooperation with YILI Machinery since 2014. Till now we are keeping ordering machines from them to increase the factory capacity. Last year, we ordered new pelletizing line and shredder. Yili sent their engineers to our factory for onsite operation help and gave us suggestions for machine maintenance. Now all the machines are running in full efficiency. We appreciate very much.

ZL185-180 Plastic flakes recycling and granulation line

Customer: Abdulla

From Saudi Arabi

We bought from YILI Machinery high output PE/PP flakes pelletizing line and Plastic film washing line. We knew YILI many years and we were searching for the recycling line and visited many suppliers in China. Finally we chose YILI to be our supplier on basis of machine quality and super feedback and service.



How to Clean, Change Color and Change Material of Plastic Extruder

The local heating of the acetylene flame will cause overheating of the screw side, which will cause the screw to bend. Most screws are made of 4140HT steel with tight tolerances, usually within 0.03mm. The straightness of the screw is mostly within 0.01mm.


China's Plastic Extruder Industry Has Great Development Potential

In China's plastic machinery market, extruder is an important processing equipment. The development prospect is very optimistic. In the past two years, China's plastic extruder market has made considerable progress and breakthroughs, as shown in the following: the expansion of the emerging markets for extruders, the brand awareness has further expanded, the market competitiveness has further improved, and the proportion of exports to emerging countries has increased. It will also be greatly improved.


What is the material used in a plastic pipe?

The indoor household plumbing system has gone through extensive evolution in recent decades. In the mid-20th century, the most common material used for these pipes was metals and ceramics which was then replaced by copper pipes due to better properties and easy workability. With rapid advancements in the manufacturing of plastic, it became the primary material for making pipes as plastic is easier to work with, it was significantly cheaper than any metal and it generally had a longer life than its counterparts. There are a lot of different materials used to manufacture plastic pipes, dependent on the applications of the pipes and they can be identified using their color. In this article, details about the most common material used for manufacturing plastic pipes will be presented.


02 Dec

How PVC Pipe Machine Works

PVC pipes have the features of bright colors, corrosion resistance and durability. Due to the addition of some toxic auxiliary materials such as plasticizers and anti-aging agents in the manufacturing process to enhance their heat resistance, toughness and ductility, they generally do not store food or medicine. It is a synthetic material that is widely used in the world nowadays. Its global usage ranks second among various synthetic materials.

09 Dec

Advantages of PVC Pipes

PVC pipes takes PVC-U pipes for drainage, which are made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material. They are added with necessary additives and formed through extrusion processing. It is a building drainage pipe with high strength, good stability, long service life and high cost performance. It can be applied to building drainage, sewage pipe system and ventilation pipe system.

21 Jan

Is a plastic pipe as good as copper?

One of the most important choices to make while deciding on any plumbing system is the material used for the pipes. The top two contenders for this choice have been plastic or copper pipes due to their favorable properties for this specific application. There are a lot of differences between the properties of these two materials and these will be delineated in this article to determine the better choice for manufacturing pipes.


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